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This report is brought to you by Liv2Rid who can be found on the message board under the same name. This report was on the message board.

Spencer Tunick Photo Shoot, Pennsylvania, USA.
October 2004

It all started with an email alert from the Spencer Tunick organization about an upcoming installation in early October somewhere in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. I checked my email daily in hopes that I would get the details and be able to attend. Then it came on a Sunday evening, a message containing the details of an installation on Sunday, October 10 at 1pm in Pike County Pennsylvania. I was almost sure that I could do it but it would not be easy. I was performing in a nightclub on Saturday in Baltimore and fatigue would be a real issue and I had family coming to visit on Sunday.

I am a ‘home’ nudist that never really engaged in social nudity with others, mainly because the opportunity never presented itself. I have always desired to pose for Spencer’s work. My wife tolerates my nudity but is too modest to engage in it herself. She feels differently than I do and I respect her for that. My children know of my nudism but never witness any of it. I have family acceptance as long as I keep it to myself and that is okay. This is my personal endeavor and I don’t wish to force it on anyone but at times I wish I wasn’t alone with it. I trust no friends enough to disclose my clothes free activity.

There was a chill in the air on Sunday morning, October 10. I had not been sleeping well for the past week possibly because of the anticipation of the event. It was a longer drive than I had expected. There were moments I thought I shouldn’t go. I hope that my family understood my absence as an opportunity that doesn’t come too often. I left at 9am and knew I had just enough time to make the trip. It was a beautiful drive and I was sailing along until I encountered a 5mph parking lot called Route 209. Stressing that I was going to be late, I pressed on in hopes I could make something of the trip.

I found the site and got there just in time to sign release forms and join the group. We hiked down into a beautiful setting of mountainous woods and waterfalls. I would guess that a little more than 100 people were hearty enough to brave the elements for the sake of art. It was chilly as we hiked along the wooded trail of leaves, rocks and moss. The people were ordinary folks much like those I see every day in town and at the office. No wacko’s, no weirdo’s just pleasant folks that appreciate the human form for the art that it is. I was at complete ease. It made me wonder who in my own social circle was a discrete nudist. It’s not something I talk freely about because of the misunderstandings of narrow-minded people that I am somehow perverse.

The first site was the waterfall and it took some time to herd the group into position. Spencer grabbed the bullhorn and gave instructions not to smile, listen carefully, anyone with tan lines and bright tattoos stay towards the back and by all means do not display your open legs towards the camera. He instructed everyone on how to pose. A few eager souls had already stripped down but they were going to get cold quickly. Once it was clear what was expected, it was time……

Everyone quickly disrobed and got into position. I was amazed at how easy this was for me. The same friendly, happy people that I had hiked with were still the same people chatting freely and hiking into position by the stream and waterfall, but with one exception, we were as naked as could be. I have always wondered if it was possible for people to behave this way. I hoped it was true but never believed it could be. It is true! I was instantly at ease with this congregation of naked strangers. I am a strong and agile person and reached out to give a hand to those who didn’t find the same ease navigating the terrain. It was a great experience in human nature.

The first pose was at the waterfall and everyone was instructed to drop and drape. Some were so dedicated that they were partially in the water. I took a moment to briefly look around at the beauty of bodies laying all over this breathtaking mountain scene and saw the core of Spencer’s art work from the other side of the camera. The people were calm and serene and we lay still in some uncomfortable positions for what seemed forever. When it was over we all stood up and brushed off the debris from the forest floor laughing, chatting and smiling.

We then returned to our clothes for warmth. It was a shame to have to re-dress but it was barely in the 60’s. It was refreshing to know that there exists a group of people that are so at ease and comfortable with themselves that they can be open to share in this kind of event. It felt completely natural to me. I witnessed no leering and no lewd behavior from anyone. Honestly, everyone seemed more alive when they were free of clothes and it would have been much better had the temperature been warm enough to remain nude throughout the day.

We then hiked to our next site assignment. It was a hillside just up from the waterfall. We were instructed to space ourselves out and be ready to all lay on our backs in the same direction perpendicular to the camera, arms, legs and head flat to the ground. It took a few tries to get the pose just right but you could easily detect the pleasure Spencer drew from the accomplishment and what he had seen through the lens. The chill was biting a bit more than before. There was a third site near the water but at this time I was feeling very ill. With just a few hours sleep and very little food and water I was suffering greatly and knew that I must return to my vehicle and get some water and start my trip home. I felt faint and like I could drop at any moment. The long drive home in heavy traffic was not easy but I felt elated reflecting on the day. I called my wife to report that I was fine and on my way home. It was not an easy decision to leave the family for my personal journey. I felt honored to be a part of the experience and I highly recommend this for anyone’s first time to be socially nude. Now I look forward to whatever is ahead..

This report is brought to you by Sea Ray.

First Time - Club Orient, Caribbean.
May 2004

My wife and I arrived at Orient Beach in mid afternoon in May, 2004. I could not help but feel a little anxious during the cab ride to our first experience at a clothing optional beach.

Prior to Orient, my only experience was skinny dipping with some old girlfriends in a private setting. Denise, however, had spent a week going topless in Europe. She told me that she loved the freedom that this gave her and the feel of the sun and water on her bare breasts. For the better part of the first day, she left her bikini top on. When she finally did take it off, she never wanted to put it back on.

Our cab pulled up in front of the famous sign at Orient. We trudged up the beach and chose an umbrella. I immediately, shed my shirt and swim suit and lay naked in the hot tropical sun. Denise wore a beach skirt and top that covered a hot pink thong bikini. I looked around and noticed that although I was completely naked, nobody seemed to notice. My wife by now had stripped down to her thong, which she preferred to keep on.

After an abbreviated sunbath, I raced into the enticing surf. To my right, were three beautiful naked American girls frolicking in the water and completely oblivious to my equally naked state.

Returning to our spot, I invited Denise to join me in my nakedness and reluctantly she slipped off her thong and again without drawing any stares from those around us. The water beckoned me again and this time Denise joined me. We found ourselves swimming with the three girls and swam out towards one of the rafts with them but stopped short of reaching it. Denise turned to me and said "We have to come back here. This is wonderful! I love it!"

Just then a man waded in and said hello to us. Before we knew it, we were engaged in a friendly conversation with him and told him that this was our first time and we loved it. Here we were, standing in the surf, totally naked and with a totally naked perfect stranger talking as if we were all fully clothed.

We bid our friend good by, and headed to the bar at Club Orient to quench our thirst. Our waiter, a fully clothed Frenchman, took our order and returned with the our drinks and the manager who served our drinks. Soon two other naked couples arrived at the bar and we talked to them while we sipped our beverages.

Sadly, it was time to return to our cruise ship and leave the pleasures of Orient Beach to memory. Often, we recall our day at Orient and cannot wait to visit there again.

First Timer but hooked

This report is brought to you by
Endewolfe. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

First Time Report, Yorktown Recreation, Maine.

Hello folks! I was reading some of the excellent posts on the site, and so thought I might share my meager experience with you all as well! This is a post I'd written back in 2003 when I visited a new resort/camp in our state. Well, ladies and gentleman, I have returned from Yorktown Recreation!

This was the first time I've been to an actual clothing-optional camp/resort. I can tell you from experience, now; it's turning out to be a great place! Now, the resort isn’t fully operational yet; they are still building on the site, but when it’s done, it’s going to be a GREAT place to visit!

First things first: getting there. Well, I live in what we call "Downeast" Maine, which includes Bar Harbor and Ellsworth. So, for anyone who has been to Maine, or lives here, "yeah, you can get there from here.", but it's not a straight shot. Yorktown Rec. is down near the town of Waterville. The owners, Tony and Claudia, have been working with the town of Waterville to get the permits and such, but through the help of the AANR (God Bless them!), it looks as if production will move forward! So, long live the first C/O resort in Maine! (I think it’s the first, but don't quote me on that).

Well, I drove up to the Takac's farm, as the directions on the website instructed, and there was a guy there who directed me to the site. I found out later, that same guy was one of the Reg's at Yorktown when he came around collecting dues for those people who were camping. So, I drove there, and parked my truck. I followed a family car into the place, and when those doors opened, three energetic kids piled out of the vehicle. Well, I think "bounded" out might be a more accurate term! So, I went to the back of my Blazer, where I had my sandals and towels, and proceeded to shed the restrictive textiles off my body.

I then walked over to where a small group of people were sitting in chairs and introduced myself. I tell ya, I've never met a friendlier bunch of folks! Well, it was early yet, so there weren't that many people there, but by day's end, there must have been 80 people there! All manner of folk were represented there in one form or another! I took a dip in the pond from the dock, and swam around, chasing after these squishy toy ball-things that some of the kids were throwing from the dock. I had such a wonderful time feeling the water just glide over my naked skin, I felt like a river otter or some other sleek-swimming creature!

After I got out of the pond, I went over to where Claudia and some other fellow I didn't know were cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. There was such a spread of food there that people had brought in, and one lady even made a huge sheet cake! Needless to say, I ate my fill! A little later, I helped another gentleman set up the volleyball net, and we got enough people together and played a few games. There was this one little girl, around 10, that was chasing after the volleyball when it went out of bounds, and then would toss the ball over the net, which we treated as a serve, and just played it. We didn't really keep score, since we were just there to have fun! That girl had so much energy though! Ahh, the joys of youth....just like little Energizer batteries..."keep going, and going..."!

There were quite a few kids running around and I thought to myself, "what a wonderful thing to be living a carefree naturist existence at such an early age!" I mean, they don't have much, if any, body shame because they see so many types of people out there, walking in freedom as Mother Nature intended! Well, everyone had such a good time there, but eventually folks started saying their "goodbye, see you next year" 's. Some of us that were still there started a small fire with what dry wood we could find. Sad to say, I too had to make my departure, though. I said goodbye to the group, went back to the truck, reluctantly put my pants back on, and drove off with the memories from the day replaying in my head.

Well, that was about a year and a half ago, and I'm happy to say that I still am a naturist, when the opportunity allows, and I've gotten married to a beautiful woman who is open to naturism, but we still have yet to attend Yorktown. For right now, we're comfortable being naked around the house, along with the kids, who don't seem to mind a bit. I guess in some way, being naked opens your mind to the freedom of childhood. In some innocent way, we reconnect with our inner children, who just want to go out and play in the rain, even if it means not wearing any clothes!

If you would like any more information about Yorktown Recreation, you can find their website by doing a search on the net. OH...and for those who are wondering, Maine is the northeastern most State. We're right up there by Canada and Nova Scotia!

Peace to you all, endewolfe

This report is brought to you by
Pops. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

First Time at Rock Lodge Report.
Spring 2005

After so many years I was about to do something I had only dreamed about.

I think my first recollection of hearing about nudism was when I was maybe eleven or twelve. My family had a membership at a local "Swim Club." A sixties suburban style of summer diversion. Every other Saturday night there were activities for the adults. A dinner dance or mystery trip. Once per season they would go to a "nudist colony." I have a feeling that my parents were some of the ones that actually would get naked. I never asked them about it. I have been interested in nudism ever since.

Over the years I went skinny dipping at night with friends at a local lake. On my journey across the American west in my youth I visited various hot springs and enjoyed being nude with others. In my twenties I bought the Guide to Nude Beaches and visited the old beach at Riis Park in NYC and some other smaller places in the NYC area. Over time other interests came along most important of all a wife and kids. Once the kids came, I pretty much forgot about nudism until a couple of years back. I started to seek out places in the woods to hike to so I could strip down and enjoy nature as it was intended to be enjoyed.

Last fall I finally made my way to Sandy Hook's famed Gunnison Beach on a cool autumn day. Finally, nude in public with other like minded souls. I have since been back to Gunnison a couple of times this season but as always alone. This wasn't social nudism. I needed to visit a nudist club. I got the chance a few weeks ago when I read about open house day at Rock Lodge in northern NJ. I had asked to visit last year but was told that as a single male, I wasn't really wanted. I inquired about my status for this year and was told that I was most certainly welcome for open house day.

Rock Lodge is less than a half hour from my home in a very secluded, wooded area. I had driven by what I thought was their place a couple of times in the past but this time I was right there, ringing the bell at the gate. I was welcomed inside and given a brief tour and along the way introduced to some folks who had a nice word and a smile for me. Here I was shaking hands with naked people and still dressed. Oh my Goodness!!!! I handed over my ten bucks and went to my Jeep. I was in, I was welcome and the only thing to do was take off my clothes and enjoy. Having been to the beaches I was prepared to take the leap. I was more anxious driving there and waiting to be admitted than I was at this point. I doffed my clothes and my cares and replaced them with my flip flops, floppy hat and some suntan lotion.

Here I was, fifty years old, overweight with manboobs no less but I was ready. No one would care what I looked like I kept telling myself as I headed towards the small beach. Rock Lodge has no pool. It does have a lovely spring fed large pond that looked rather inviting on this hot humid day. The beach seemed to be pretty much filled up with members who either rented or leased cabins or were regular day members. Many folks smiled and gave me a nod and that was it. I strolled around the lake to what is called the rock beach since it is just that. A very large rock with a few chairs placed on it and a dock. I enjoyed the sun and the water and swam out to a floating dock a few times. Each time someone was there for some conversation.

At last social nudism. It was an amaziningly liberating feeling. After a while some other day visitors came over to the rock beach and we engaged in conversations and shared snacks. It was wonderful! Over the next few hours I watched some of the members working on the grass tennis court and watched some folks play tennis. I even went inside the clubhouse to view the many items on display for the annual art show. I was naked with strangers who like me who made no big deal about it. I wandered around the lake on the trail enjoying looking at the different cottages and cabins. Then I went for a hike on their trail which in fact meets up with a section of trail on public land that I maintain. To finally be nude in the woods and not have to be constantly on the look out. I took off every bit of jewelry, my hat and shoes and wandered through the woods totally nude. AAAAAAAaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

I also took a sauna after I saw that the hot tub was not yet filled for the season. After the sauna I couldn't wait to hit the water again. I had to do it all. I jumped into a row boat and took a couple of slow laps around the pond. The day continued along in that same way until it was time for me to think about going home. It is true that you don't want to get dressed again. I won't forget those smiling faces and nice words and that very first time at a nudist club.

I was told that there were a limited amount of weekday memberships available for single men this year. I'm hoping that a full membership will be available for next season.


This report is brought to you by NewbieM.

First Time at East Haven, Ontario, Canada.
Summer 2005

I'm 31, male, single, straight. When I was younger, I was very shy about nudity, either mine or others. Naturism fascinated and frightened me because it was something I could never see myself do.

About eight years ago, my attitude towards nudity started changing. I began sleeping in the nude and being nude by myself sometimes (a classic closet case!). Then, five years ago, I began researching about naturism on the internet. It still scared me a little, but I started wondering. Then, last year, I finally realized I actually wanted to visit a naturist resort. I saw pictures on the websites of some resorts and I wished I could leap into my screen and join the people I saw in those pictures.

This summer, I decided to act. I began participating on forums. I sent emails asking for advice. I researched what would be the best place for my first time. I settled on East Haven, in Ontario.

I'm not really a 'beach type', but more of an 'open-prairie' type. I've always been a shy person, aloof even. I was afraid this might create problems when I first visited a nudist resort. I was looking for a place where I could sit under a tree, on my blanket (or towel), and read a good book while relaxing. I wasn't looking to socialize... for now anyway.

I was very nervous two days before going, but on the actual morning I was leaving, I wasn't. Something felt 'right', for lack of a better word. I knew I was about to cross what had been a big hurdle in my life. You know how people say that love and hate are closely related? I rather think it's love and fear that are so close they're sometimes almost indistinguishable. You're afraid you'll love something (or someone) and you're afraid you won't.

At the same time, which can make things even more confusing than they already are.

The resort was easy to find. The directions they give on the website are clear and there are several signs in Casselman. I got there around 12:30. I ate a light lunch before arriving because I didn't know if my nerves and my stomach were going to play games with one another. I didn't want to feel heavy and uncomfortable to begin with. I wasn't.

I saw a car leaving the resort. Then, as I crossed the gate, I saw a nude man walk by. It might seem strange, but, to me, it made the place come alive in my mind. This was a place where there were going to be actual people! I wasn't going to be alone and I was going to be among other folk for who nudity was a normal thing. They weren't images or names on my computer, they were flesh and blood, and I was going to be among them.

I parked my car and I met the resort's manager at her office. We talked a little bit and then she gave me the key to the cottage I rented. It was pretty rustic, but it did what it had to do. I put my backpack down and I undressed. I wanted to spend at least 24 hours in the nude because I wanted my first time to be meaningful. I saw no need to wait, as to me the whole point of going to a naturist resort is to be able to relax in the nude. I put sunscreen on and I walked outside.

It wasn't feeling the sun on my body that did it for me. It was the wind. It felt so smooth, so gentle, almost silky. I found a bench, I lay down my towel, I sat down, and I began to read.

East Haven was exactly what I was looking for. It's calm. It's small. You can sit by the pond and watch the birds or simply enjoy the sunshine. Sid and Yogy (the owners) were both very nice. They made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous before I went nude outside for the first time, but the people there didn't seem to care I was there. I know that may sound strange, but I loved the fact that being nude was absolutely a non-event for the people who were there (i.e. something quite ordinary and normal).

I think I was the youngest there. There was another couple in their early thirties, but most people seemed to be in their early forties. I went on a Friday, so it may be different in the week ends. There were also quite a few people who spoke French.

I went in and out of my cottage a couple of times during the day. The first time I went back in, I took a short shower to wash off the sunscreen and the insect repellant. East Haven's showers are inside a bulding, but they're in the open, so anybody walking in can see you shower. I had issues with communal showers before; not anymore. I did this routine a couple of times.

I went in the pool later in the afternoon, more out of curiousity than anything because I'm not somebody who swims a lot. I liked the feeling of not wearing a bathing suit. I usually wear a big baggy short to swim, and I've worried sometimes about them coming off. Not this time… ;)

I left the follwing morning. Yogy (the manager) was dressed when I arrived, but she was nude when I left. I was dressed, but I wished I could have stayed longer (there's that little thing called work). My unconscious mind must have been thinking the same thing because I forgot a piece of clothing behind, something I normally never do. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go back...

This report is brought to you by Tetonlady.

Somewhere in the USA..
Sometime in the '80's.

The first summer that I was married, our across the street neighbors asked us to go camping, they were a young couple, a little older than us with no kids. They said there was a hotspring up there and also some good fishing. Since we worked a different schedule we would meet them up there.

We got up to the campground,it was real primitive and a note said they were at the hotsprings, so we proceeded up there, it had 2 big pools with a waterfall going into the second one,there was also a nice sundeck and a gazebo with a roof, as it was quite hot, this being July. Well anyway, when my husband and I got to the pool we noticed that they were nude, and it did not bother them one bit. My husband, not being shy and having spent 2 weeks at Lake Powell the previous year not wearing a stitch of clothes, took off his shorts and got right in. It was about 90 degrees. I got in with my swimsuit on but in 10 min took my top off. Oh what a wonderful feeling!

This went on for awhile, nobody put any pressure on me to go fully nude,the couple and my husband were soaking in the pool and sunning, we were all having a good time.

Later on a family came up, a grandma, her daughter and 2 teenage girls and a teenage boy, they asked if they could join us,we said it was a public hotsprings,go right ahead. Surprise to us, they all stripped off and joined us, they did not even have a suit. I felt a little funny being the only one with some kind of a suit on.

We left shortly after that and went back to camp. After dinner and when it was almost dark we went back up to the hotsprings, this time I did not wear anything and it felt great. All four of us were completely nude the whole time.

The next day the couple showed a spot they called the swimming hole,there was a big eddy and a nice sandy beach maybe 100 yds long,I had made up my mind that I was not going to wear my swimsuit any more, we spent the day swimming, sunning and playing Frisbee and without wearing anything. It felt so good not having a wet swimsuit on after swimming. It also was good seeing my naked husband.

The next day was time to leave after a nice cool morning soak.

Needless to say we went up there one more time by ourselves and went with the couple for 4 days in August, it was wonderful.

I am a confirmed nudist now, it has been 25 years, and we have gone to both Rooster Rock and Collins nude beaches in Oregon, plus several in California, plus we have several spots around home.

This report is brought to you by
Enmazing. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

Caribbean breezes resort just SW of St. Louis, Missouri.
June 2008

I have just had my first visit to a resort. I had been to a beach a couple of times in Hawaii but really did not socialize much.

I had been a home nudist for some time but with extended people now living in my house that has been rather cut off. I wanted to finally get out and be social. I posted a message on the get together section of the boards here.

One of the responses mentioned a resort nearby that is still under developement but is open on weekends. It is Caribbean breezes resort just SW of St. Louis. I had planned on going during their open house but was called out of town that weekend. So I decided to go 21 Jun 2008.

I was greeted nicely and they had no problem that I was single. I filled out the initial paper and was introduced to the small group that was there already. There are many areas that they have in the plans so it is still under developement however, they do have an above ground oval pool up and open. Some of the members have pulled a trailer onto the site for weekend stays and there is a beautiful place for camping. There are 250 acres of area to hike. Many hills and a couple of year around creeks make it very nice.

I think in total I saw maybe 25 people that day. I am told it was a slow day. The people that I did see were all quite friendly. I had a great time. Through much of the day I was told that I just had to meet so and so. Some of them did eventually come and true to the stories that were told they were just as friendly as I was told. I am looking forward to meeting more of them.

My day was spent sunning on one of the many lounge chairs that they had around. Swimming in the pool. I was given the grand tour of the acreage and told of some of the near term plans. I went for a nice hike. More swimming and then a social gathering in the evening at the outdoor tables that are near the pool. All quite enjoyable.

I will plan another trip there and might just be a regular.

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