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This report is brought to you Tetonlady.

First time report... somewhere in the USA.
Sometime in the 80's

The first summer that I was married, our across the street neighbors asked us to go camping, they were a young couple, a little older than us with no kids. They said there was a hotspring up there and also some good fishing. Since we worked a different schedule we would meet them up there.

We got up to the campground,it was real primitive and a note said they were at the hotsprings, so we proceeded up there, it had 2 big pools with a waterfall going into the second one,there was also a nice sundeck and a gazebo with a roof, as it was quite hot, this being July. Well anyway, when my husband and I got to the pool we noticed that they were nude, and it did not bother them one bit. My husband, not being shy and having spent 2 weeks at Lake Powell the previous year not wearing a stitch of clothes, took off his shorts and got right in. It was about 90 degrees. I got in with my swimsuit on but in 10 min took my top off. Oh what a wonderful feeling!

This went on for awhile, nobody put any pressure on me to go fully nude,the couple and my husband were soaking in the pool and sunning, we were all having a good time.

Later on a family came up, a grandma, her daughter and 2 teenage girls and a teenage boy, they asked if they could join us,we said it was a public hotsprings,go right ahead. Surprise to us, they all stripped off and joined us, they did not even have a suit. I felt a little funny being the only one with some kind of a suit on.

We left shortly after that and went back to camp. After dinner and when it was almost dark we went back up to the hotsprings, this time I did not wear anything and it felt great. All four of us were completely nude the whole time.

The next day the couple showed a spot they called the swimming hole,there was a big eddy and a nice sandy beach maybe 100 yds long,I had made up my mind that I was not going to wear my swimsuit any more, we spent the day swimming, sunning and playing Frisbee and without wearing anything. It felt so good not having a wet swimsuit on after swimming. It also was good seeing my naked husband.

The next day was time to leave after a nice cool morning soak.

Needless to say we went up there one more time by ourselves and went with the couple for 4 days in August, it was wonderful.

I am a confirmed nudist now, it has been 25 years, and we have gone to both Rooster Rock and Collins nude beaches in Oregon, plus several in California, plus we have several spots around home.

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