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This report is brought to you by
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First time at Paradise Lakes, Florida.

My first experience with nudism was in the summer of 1992 at Paradise Lakes Resort in Central Florida. I read a story about Paradise Lakes in an old National Enquirer. I didn't know nudism even existed before I read the article about Paradise. It sounded strange that people would be running around naked, but it sounded like something that would be a lot of fun. I wanted to try it just one time.

I called Paradise Lakes to get some information and I started planning a trip. When I arrived at Paradise I was given a tour of the club. I had never seen anything like it before, there were naked people everywhere I turned. I was nervous but after I paid my grounds fee I went to the car and took my clothes off. I knew within a few minutes that I was at the right place. It was so comfortable walking around nude. People were so nice to me. I knew that I would be back for more.

I have visited Paradise Lakes several times since then as well as other clubs. Nudism is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hate to wear clothes now. It all started with that article in the National Enquirer about Paradise Lakes.

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This report is brought to you by Doc.

First time in Germany.

I have always been curious about nudism and apart from home nudism I had never tried it until recently. My work has taken me to Germany on several occasions over the past 2 years, always to the same hotel, which has an excellent pool and fitness suite, including a sauna. I knew from what my colleges had told me on previous visits that the sauna was mixed and strictly nude only, which is quite the norm in Germany, so I decided that on this visit I would try it out, however I always seemed to chicken out at the last minute. On the last night of my stay, the hotel was almost empty and I found that I had the whole swimming pool to myself and as I had not seen anyone go into the sauna area, I decided that it must be empty too.

I left the pool, showered and entered the sauna area, which to my surprise was quite large as it also contained a plunge pool, showers and indoor and outdoor relaxation areas. I quickly undressed and ventured out into the main area with just a towel wrapped around my waist, well almost, it turned out that I had grabbed one of the smaller towels from my room instead of a bath towel. Even though I believed I was alone, I started to feel a little uncomfortable as I struggled to hold the towel around my waist but there was no going back now so I made a beeline for the sauna door.

It was only as I reached the door that I realized that it was occupied but I thought what the heck and pulled the door open and stepped in, removing my towel as I entered. The sauna was occupied by three middle aged German ladies, all nude, I said good evening (which is almost the full extent of my German vocab) and placed my towel on the bench above them and sat down. One of the ladies spoke pretty good English and it wasn't long before we were all chatting away, with her translating for her friends and within a few minutes I was totally at ease with being nude with other people around and found that all my anxieties were totally unfounded.

After spending 15 minutes in the sauna I abandoned my towel completely and walked across to the plunge pool and jumped in and then went to the outside relaxation area where I lay out in the early evening air for a while. I repeated this a couple more times, I ended up staying for more than an hour, not bothering to cover up at all and almost missing a dinner appointment with a customer.

So, I am now a convert and I can't wait for another chance to try nudism, the really annoying thing is though, I waited until my last night in the hotel to try this, not to mention all the previous visits there, and it looks as though I may not have to go back there for a while now. The next step is to get my partner interested too, we are going on holiday to Spain this summer and I know there is a quiet nude beach near where we are staying, so watch this space!

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This report is brought to you by Jan.

First Time at Haulover Beach, Florida.
March 2001

Recently I made an 8 day trip to Fort Lauderdale. "Wow", what a vacation. A friend of ours had always talked about a beach in Miami that he liked to visit. He told us that it was a nude beach and the thought of this was exciting. The closest I had ever come to sunbathing nude was at a friends house here in Canada. He owns a very private property with 30 acres. From the minute we arrived in Florida, I was set on getting to the beach as soon as I could.

The day finally came. I have to admit I was a little nervous as I had never done this sort of thing in public, only in private. We parked the van, walked the boardwalk through the seagrapes, went through a tunnel which went under the road, walked another short distance when I see a sign that informed us that we may encounter nude sunbathers at this beach. My heart raced......."Oh my, what have I got myself into", I thought. Then I see... everything, and I mean everything. I think the volleyball game made me blush, no, I am sure it did. While looking for a spot I had trouble concentrating on the task at hand. When we finally found some room (the place was packed) I relaxed a little.

My motto in life has always been to "face your fears and just do it". Guess what I did !!! Both times we visited, I was the first one naked. I had the greatest time. I made the trip twice during my holiday. If it wasen't for the rain, I would have gone back more often.

I found that there were people of all shapes and size here. This made me feel much more comfortable in removing my own clothing. I also found that there is more scrutiny on a clothed beach, than there is on a nude beach, even being as white as I was. Needless to say, I am no longer white as some.

I long for the day when I am able to return. As you can see I miss it so much, I searched until I found it here. My online status now states "I want to go to Haulover", and many people have questioned me on this. What do I tell them? I tell them the truth and mention they should visit sometime.

This has been an experience that now has me addicted. I can't wait for the next and the next and the next time.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with all, especially the ones who may be a little bit skittish about their first time.

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This report is brought to you by A J.

First Time Nudist.
April 2001

I am 18 and found out about the nudist lifestyle over the internet. I always loved being nude and shaved, and when I found out about the smoothies I was even more excited.

Well anyway my first nudist experience was about 2 days ago I went out into the country and found a nice secluded trail off of the gravel road. I walked far enough down the trail to be out of sight and then I removed those heavy clothes and proceeded on an hour long nude hike through the woods. It was the best thing that I have ever done, it felt so good, the wind on my bare body.

I can't wait to do it again and even try swimming when I find a nice secluded spot with a swimming hole. I hope to find some nudists to share my spots with as well.

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This report is brought to you by
A J. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

First Time Report.
April 2001

My first nudist experience was about 2 weeks ago. I went to the country and found a nice place to sun bath and swim. I went and was kind of scared at first that someone would catch me but after about 20 minutes I finally decided I probably wouldn't get caught and jumped in the water. I love the way the water feels when you are nude and when you get out you dry quicker because you don't have a suit on. I think that I am going to enjoy the nudist lifestyle.

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This report is brought to you by Helfox1.

First Time Report.

I wanted to try out nudism for a very long time. But since I was still in my teens when I first caught the bug, all I could do was hang around and sleep nude when my parents were not around. I kinda forgot about it until I got an Internet connection. That's when I started browsing the nudism sites and decided to really go out and do it.

My first attempt was a disaster. I went to a place near my home that I knew was frequented by nudists but it was a workday and I only found there a couple of older guys. I left. However, my desire was greater than this disappointment, so I went again the next Saturday. And it was a completely different situation. Tenths off people were enjoying the sea nude. I stepped down to the rocks and decided to actually go ahead and do it.

I have to admit that I chose a spot near a couple of attractive young women, not only because, to be sincere, they were much easier to the eye than elderly gentlemen but also because I felt uncomfortable among only other men. So, I took off my shoes, shirt and layed down my towel. It was the moment of truth. I slipped off my swimming trunks swiftly and with much more ease than I expected. And there I was, completely naked on a beach among other naked people! And it felt great!

Exposing your whole body to the sun and clean air was terrific. And so was the liberating feeling of being naked in a public place together with like-minded people. I then went for a swim and the experience got better. It was totally different and much better than having a swimsuit on. But the best part was coming out of the water and having the sun dry off the water from your whole body. From that day on I lost any remaining qualms about nudism.

Needless to say, I don't think I'll be needing a new swimsuit anytime soon!

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