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This report is brought to you by John.

First Time Experience and Laguna Del Sol Get-Together.
Summer 2000

My first experience of social nudity was in the Summer of 2000, at Laguna Del Sol, California. I live in England, so, had to catch a plane at some un-earthly hour of the morning - and those who know me will vouch that I am NOT a morning person! LOL. Anyway, as luck would have it, the flight was delayed by 90 minutes, which meant that I missed my allotted connection flight, through to Sacramento. This meant frantic phone calls from San Fransisco airport to Sacramento, where Dave in OR was waiting to pick me up! Anyway, by five PM, we were headed out to Laguna, via a grocery store, where Dave bought enough food to feed the five thousand!! (Including some pancake mix, as I had remembered American style pancakes from a previous visit to the States. YUM!)

Anyhow, once we got to Laguna, we drove around for a while, looking for other chatroom folks - and failing miserably to find any! This was soon sorted, though, when Rich Uncle spotted a tent trailer going past the restaurant (where everyone very sensibly had gathered) with an Oregon licence plate, and ran after us as if there was no tomorrow. :) Introductions over, we then proceeded to the area where everyone else had gathered, and Dave set up camp.

While Dave was setting up camp, I decided I needed a shower - and got my first real taste of social nudity! There was I, quite happily showering away, when from behind me comes a voice, "Hi there, how are you doing"? A female voice. I somehow managed to hold a conversation with a lady whom I later learnt was Hiker, and by the end of that shower, I was pretty relaxed about this nudity stuff! I don't think she realised for a second what was happening there, but I will be forever grateful to her for sharing that shower block with me then!!!

Anyway, after that, Thursday evening went pretty well. Ponca Paul, JackF, Hiker, Rich Uncle, Dave and I sat round Dave's tent trailer getting to know each other, and also getting a little relaxed, due to some cans somebody had inadvertently packed! LOL

Fridays breakfast was a communal affair, consisting of eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and sausage meat laced with Jalapeños. I don't eat meat, myself, but am reliably informed that the Jalapeños made all the difference! After breakfast, we went to the office (which had been closed by the time we arrived the previous evening) to register. At this point, Dave was informed that he was actually parked in an overflow parking area, and would have to move his trailer. This was done, and we found ourselves on the opposite side of the lake, camped under a Eucalyptus tree.

By Friday afternoon, I found the heat was getting a little too much for me, and unfortunately had to spend most of it, and a fair amount of Saturday inside. This meant I missed the arrival of Sugarbear, JC and Toots and one or two others. However, I managed to meet most of them later.

By the middle of Saturday afternoon, I was beginning to feel more like myself, so Dave and I went for a walk, along a trail which leads to a beach on a river. Dave (who almost religiously refuses to wear shoes!) discovered one or two spots where going barefoot was a little warm on the feet, but apart from that it was a nice stroll. We still don't quite know how we ended up outside the confines of Laguna, though!

Sunday was the day that most of the chatroom friends had earmarked for going home, so it was full of "Au-Revoirs" to a degree. However, by then I was getting used to the heat, and managed to get out and enjoy some of the facilities that laguna offers more fully. If you've never tried a hot tub, you should!

On Monday morning, we drove into Sacramento, where Dave dropped me off at a hotel, ready for my flight back to the UK on Tuesday. Dave (I believe) had stayed an extra night at Laguna, for my benefit, and if I forgot to thank him then, I do so now.

Laguna del Sol is a truly beautiful place, and I consider myself lucky to have had my first social naturist experience there. I also consider it a privilege to have met some wonderful people (hopefully not for the last time). I went to Laguna feeling very nervous, first of all, because it was my first social naturist experience. I also was extremely nervous about the fact that I am disabled, and at the time had to wear a urine collection bag at all times. I really wasn't sure what the reaction of other people would be to this. As it happened, there was ABSOLUTELY no reaction whatsoever, and I was far more concerned about it than anybody else at the resort, I think! I found that any nervousness I had about being nude in front of other people, disappeared within about half an hour. As far as repeating the experience is concerned, I am hoping to be able to return to the States in 2001 to participate in the gathering planned for Oregon. I was, before I went to Laguna, totally an "at home" naturist. Although I still practice naturism mostly at home, I can honestly say that going to Laguna has opened up a whole new experience for me, and I will definitely be repeating it at some point soon. Below is a list, which is as complete as I can make it, of all the people who were at Laguna.

  1. JC and Toots
2. Skinnydipper
3. Ken(CA) and April
4. JC/UK
5. Jack F CA & Judy
6. dave in OR
7. Ponca Paul
8. Scamp
9. Sunchaser & Terri
10. Newdbie
11. Shell
12. Wanda(CA)
13. Rich Uncle
14. Hiker
15. Craw
16. Sugarbear
17. Luv2sun
18.NWN, Strawberry, TG, and the babe
19. Carl & Sharon
20. Paul & Nanci
21. Rhoda & Doug
22. Reta & her husband.

If I missed anybody out I apologise. I can honestly say, every single one of you made it an experience I will never forget.

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This report is brought to you by B Nude.

First Time Report.
March 2001

My first nude experience was early this year in March. It was at one of the nude swims that a local nudist resort holds in the winter. I decided that I would go to at least one swim this year and see what I thought about it.

I ended up going to the last swim of the year and I had a blast. I would never had thought how much fun it would have been. I felt so free and alive.The swim started at 8 o'clock at night and I got there a little before 8 to get myself ready. At first, when I arrived to the athletic club where the swim was being held, I saw a long line of poeple waiting to get in, I was suprised by how many people were there. So I parked and sat in my car for about 15 minutes and finally said what the hell and went and got in line. By this time the line had moved inside and I felt a little more comfortable.

Since it was my first time at a swim I had to fill out a form saying that I was legal age and all of that stuff. All this time while I was waiting in line I was thinking if the locker rooms would be co-ed or not. I really didn't know what to expect. But when I got the key to my locker and the man said it was one down stairs my question was answered. My locker was in the women's locker room and both men and woman were in the locker room.

So I went and found my locker and to my surprise I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. I was kind of shaking when I took my shirt and shoes off, I threw them in my locker and stood there for a second and thought to myself, "well it's now or never." So in one quick movement I took off the rest of my clothes and put them in my locker and locked it up. I was now nude for the first time in public. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself and then decided not to and hung it over my shoulder. I decided I should just go and head to the pool and take a few laps. By the time I showered to get into the pool I wasn't nervous anymore. I left the locker room and went to the pool where there were about 100 people swimming laps, walking around or just sitting by the pool. I felt so comfortable.

I spent about 3 hours at the swim where I watched some volleyball games and sat in the hot tub and got to know a few people. Overall it was a very good experience and wished I would have gone to more of the swims earler in the year. Now I can't wait for next year and I love being nude now more than ever.

B Nude

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This report is brought to you by

First Time Report - White Tail Park.
July 2001

My first visit to a nudist resort.

After having eagerly anticipated this trip for months, the day finally came, July 14, 2001 that I would be making my first trip to a naturist camp. Before I left, I made the appropriate stops for last minute necessities such as money and sunscreen. Then I was on the road around 10:30.

From Virginia Beach, White Tail Park is about an hour long drive and I was happily making my way, speeding along the long road. Finally I got to the turn that leads to the park. Shoot, I missed it. Oh well, I just made a U-turn when I could (which took me about 2 miles, at the next light). Again, I made it to the turn and made the hard turn onto rte. 635. I traveled down the rural road for about a mile before coming to the road that led directly to the park.

I passed a car that was exiting from that road as I entered onto it. My nerves were getting shaky the closer that I got. When the gates were in my sights, I had to stop the car and take a couple of deep breaths before proceeding.

I chose this day because it was their open house in celebration of National Nude Week (which always falls on my birthday week) and as such, their main gate was open so I continued on. I was greeted about 50 feet in by a welcoming committee of 3 seasoned naturists, all naked of course. They checked my id and told me to proceed to the office. From there, I was escorted by the manager to the building (which I later found out was the recreation building) where I was to officially sign in.

Three unclad volunteers were sitting behind a table and we were told to fill out cards telling a little about ourselves (nothing too personal, just name, phone #, occupation, etc.). After we finished with that, we were given the official pamphlet for the park as well as more detailed information such as the rules, what WTP is all about, the rates, a map, etc. And one of the men went over the rules of the park with us (there was another newbie sitting next to me) before bringing a group of us into another room where we could watch a short film about the nude lifestyle.

It was just your basic movie but during its 20 minute duration, I couldn't help looking around especially when someone passed by the door. This was the first time that I had seen anyone else outside my family naked; and considering that the last time that I had seen any of them naked, except for quick glimpses such as right out of the shower, was when my brother, sister, and I were still preteens (that would be about 1985).

After the video, we were taken on a tour of the grounds by a resident of the park. The first place he showed us was the building we were in and what takes place there. Upon leaving, he told us that, since we were close to the parking lot, if any of us wanted to remove our clothes before continuing, we could, but no one took him up. So the tour continued with about seven of us, six still wearing clothes. He showed us the campsites and the proposed expansions that were to be taking place this fall-winter for next tourist season. And with all the free space they have, there is plenty of room.

The tour took about 10 minutes with his lengthy explanations of someone who was proud of his home. When it ended, he told us we could go look around without any pressure to undress unless we wanted to enter clothing-free areas of the park (i.e. the pool, the residential area, etc.)

I went straight back to my car and took my shoes and socks off before slathering the sunscreen on my pale body that burns easily. Next off was my shirt with the same sunscreen application. The shorts came last. Here I am, amongst naked people and I am still feeling weird taking my shorts off. That's how ingrained into my brain that the idea is. I could hear myself saying that it's illegal to be naked outside. I felt like I was doing something that could get me into trouble, but the other part of my rational brain told me that I was somewhere where this was allowed. I was now naked and applying the last of the sunscreen to the places that have never seen the sun before securing the things in my car, bringing my towel out and walking around.

I finally felt free and natural. All of the ideas of illicit nudity went out the window and there I was, walking with nothing on but my sunscreen and my towel around my shoulder (I regretted forgetting my sandals). The first place I went to was the place where a lot of people were gathered, the family pool. Unfortunately, on this wonderful clothes-free day (mild humidity and temps in the low 80s), this area was packed and there was not an empty seat to be found, so I just picked a spot of grass next to the door and laid my towel down there. I laid back and just took in the feeling of the slight breeze on the whole of my body and simply listened and watched everyone having fun in the nude.

Eventually, I showered and went into the pool. The water was a bit cold for my taste, but I just let my body adapt to the temperature. Though I was swimming without clothes, it didn't feel like I was skinny-dipping. It just felt like I was swimming; and watching as one of the children's games was going on in the pool where they were having raft races and trying to knock each other off an inflatable log. The laughter and cheers were reminiscent of any children's play, clothed or naked. They were very natural at naked play.

The rest of my day involved me looking around the facility, finding something to eat, and just doing whatever came to mind. I decided to leave at 6:00, having spent about six hours there. And boy, did I hate having to put my clothes back on. That was the worst part of my visit there.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to White Tail Park and plan to visit there again. And next time, maybe I can recruit a friend to accompany me because being a newcomer combined with my shyness, I really didn't make any friends. But who knows what's waiting for my next visit?


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This report is brought to you by Kelvin.

First Time Report - Swanbourne Beach, Australia.
August 2001

I have been a closet nudist for most of my life, I am now 28. I have also been a "Smoothy" for about 4 years. I have not until now been able to get up the courage to go to the beach and bathe in the nude.

Well, I have just arrived home from the beach after having "stripped off" for the first time in a social nude environment. To be honest about this, It happened quite suddenly and without any prior planning on my part. I had to go to a meeting at a nearby venue and quite out of character drove down to "Swanbourne Nudist Beach" here in Perth, Western Australia.

I got out of my car and walked (fully clothed and minus things like beach towel etc) up to the nudist area. I walked the full length of the area and almost back, observing numerous naked people sun bathing. I finally walked up to a bloke and started talking to him about the beach and nudism in general. He said the first time is always the most difficult. After about five or six minutes of chatting he said to me "Why don't you take your clothes off and take a stroll along the beach?" Well the moment had arrived and amazingly, I did just that right there and then. I took off my T-shirt, dropped my jeans and pulled off my underwear without stopping.

Incredibly, I felt quite at home being nude and immediately went for a walk along the beach passed all the other people I had just been passed. I then turned and went for a dip in the ocean, before walking back down the beach to where my stuff was. I wound up staying there for about forty minutes before I had to put my clothes back on and leave. I really hated to have to leave, because I felt so free being able to walk totally naked along the beach where other people were and not feel ashamed about being naked. It was the most awesome experience and I can't wait to go back tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

I was concerned about the embarrassment of having an erection on the beach, but that did not happen strangely enough, even though there were several very attractive women there. The whole situation felt so natural and normal that an erection did not figure in the equation.

I got home and decided to look up nudism on the web and found this page. The other peoples accounts of their first time prompted me to tell you about mine even though it was just a couple of hours ago.

THANKS for giving me an outlet to talk about this amazing experience.

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This report is brought to you by

First Time Report.

My website -

By George Winlock

The first time I really went nude in public in mixed company was in 1994. Prior to then I had enjoyed skinny-dipping either with other males at the YMCA or alone in a remote area. The YMCA became co-ed, bathing suits were required and swimming alone was unsafe, so I started to look for a place where I could safely skinny-dip.

I could not find any nude beaches in Massachusetts that would be easy to get to, but I did find out about a nudist resort near me. I sent for the information.

I was looking forward to my visit but while I had never been uncomfortable being undressed for short periods of time in places where it was expected, I had never gone around nude for an extended period of time and certainly not in front of women and girls.

My first project, therefore, was to be comfortable with myself nude for no particular reason. I practiced doing that by going around my apartment nude. Nudity was required when washing dishes, watching TV, paying bills, and doing many other household tasks.

I still was not sure what my first visit to a nude resort would be like, but I wanted to give it a try and if I did not like it I could always go home. I checked into the office, completed some paperwork, showed identification, and then drove to another parking area where I would be met by someone from the membership committee.

As I drove past the lake I saw a beach populated by nude of men, women, and children. They seemed quite comfortable and unashamed. Nice tans. Well, even though no one knew me, I was not going to embarrass myself in public by looking out of place. I undressed.

I did not have to wait long before I was greeted by a nude man who gave me and another couple the tour of the campground.

The tour ended at the lake and I was on my own. Well, I was here to go skinny-dipping and there was the lake. I swam for a while and then decided to just sit and sun on the beach. Without wet clothing I was warm and comfortable. Sure I was nude, but so was everyone else and, as the brochure said, clothing was definitely out of place here.

Later I took a short walk on my own. As I passed other people a smile and "Hello" was in order, the lack of clothing was of no significance. I returned to the lake for more swimming and sunning.

Before going home I took a warm shower in the round building that housed the showers. As the shower and adjoining hot tub made the drying area humid, I went outside. That did it for me. I was dried by the gentle breeze and the warm sun. That convinced me that this was how we were meant to be. There was nothing disgraceful about being nude. I completed the remaining visits and interviews as soon as I could so that I could become a member.

That was my first real nudist experience. I have given up the textile life and now am clothed only when required. Since that time I have joined a number of naturist organizations and participated in a number of nudist activities. I now attend a lot of the TNS Gatherings & Festivals, and have also enjoyed a couple of nude cruises.

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This report is brought to you by

First Time Report - New Jersey.

Being somewhat new to nudism I find reading other peoples reports of first time experiences quite interesting as well as motivating. With others' reports aiding my introduction to nudism, I feel it's only fair to post mine too.

A few years ago, after spotting a short blurb in the local newspaper about a nearby nude beach I became interested in nudism. However I never really thought I'd give it a try until an online search brought me to a few web pages and first time reports. Suddenly I was no longer debating if I would ever try nudism, but rather when. But alas timidness reigned and the summer quickly passed without my venturing to the nude beach.

Two years later I had all but forgotten about nudism and nude beaches when my girlfriend and I planned a day trip to the New Jersey shore (textiled, I assure you). While relaxing on the beach we noticed a group of teenaged guy fooling around and pulling their bathing suits off their butts. Mooning the beach crowd, I guess. I remarked to my girlfriend that they ought go find that nude beach. Then jokingly I said we ought check it out. This got a quizzical look from my girlfriend so I added, "if you dare." To this my girlfriend responded, "I dare YOU." I said sure and we started packing up our stuff.

We really didn't even know where the nude beach was, only that it was New Jersey's southern most beach, so we started heading to Cape May. (By the way Higbee Beach we later found out it is called, has officially outlawed nudity.) During the whole trip south as well as the mile long walk from the closest parking spot to the beach, I was sure my girlfriend would chicken out. I have since learned that she was expecting me to back out first. A battle of wills had developed, with neither of us willing to be branded the chicken, but both of us positive we would not have to go through with it.

When we finally got to the beach the battle ended we were there, but would we really get naked. Higbee beach is a very narrow strip of coarse sand stretched between a wildlife sanctuary and the very shallow calm bay waters. The beach was populated by approximately 50 people but was still somewhat crowded. We began walking along the beach looking for a spot to spread out our towel, still clothed surrounded by naked people we felt very out of place. When we finally found a spot we couldn't get undressed quick enough.

My girlfriend, now my wife and I have been enjoying nudism ever since.

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