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This report is brought to you by
Rick. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

First Time at Sandy Hook Beach, New Jersey.
August 2001

My wife and I recently enjoyed our first nudist experience, and I'd like to share it with your readers. Over the past weekend, my wife and I took a trip to Sandy Hook Beach in NJ. As you may know, the park on which the beach is located is a federal park and, therefore, has a large nude area.

We arrived around 10:30 am. There was not a cloud in the sky and temperatures were expected to be in the mid-80s. By the time we arrived, 3 of the parks parking lots were full. Of course, these were the 3 lots closest to the nude area. We parked in an overflow parking lot and walked to the beach from there. As we approached the designated nude area, I was astonished by the sheer number of sunbathers. There were already several hundred people of all shapes and sizes already situated on the beach.

We found a spot about halfway down the beach and set up our site. As I laid down our towels and set up our chairs, I must admit that I became a little anxious and nervous. I began to worry, as most men probably do their first time out, about becoming excited. I was also concerned about "measuring up" to the other men around me. I was worried that other men might gawk at my wife, who is very attractive, and provoke a response from me, which would not be good. At is turned out, none of my concerns were justified.

By the time I turned around from setting up our site, my wife had already removed her bikini. After I settled down a bit (the sight of my nude wife caused a little excitement), I too removed my suit. Within 20-30 minutes, we were both completely comfortable with our nudity. We read our books and conversed with each other just as we would around the neighbor pool with our bathing suits on. Some nearby beachgoers, who realized we were new to nudism (based upon our distinct tan lines) approached us and drew up nice conversation, in a way welcoming us to the nude lifestyle.

By the end of the day, we had made several new friends and had plans to return to the beach the next day. The next morning, we returned, only to find that 2 of the lots had already filled up, and it was only 9:45 am. We selected a different spot on the beach, this time wandering down a little further. Again, we had nice conversation with other beachgoers. We openly discussed our jobs, relationships, hobbies and backgrounds with others who did the same. By the end of our 2nd day, the feeling of being nude became natural. On the way out of the park, we laughed at how apprehensive we were about going nude in the first place. We immediately planned subsequent vacations to Sandy Hook, and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.


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This report is brought to you by Dave.

First time at Haulover Beach, Florida.

A First

When I made my way out of the tunnel that connected the parking lot to Haulover Beach, I strained my eyes for some reassurance. What an embarrassment if I peeled my clothes off and I walked onto the wrong beach! I was reassured, however, by the great number of nude people. There were many elderly Europeans staked out under umbrellas, on beach chairs, and towels. Many were facing my way because the sun was behind me. Their lack of interest in my approach was again comforting. These encampments looked like a safe place to me. Most of these people looked like seasoned vets, from a tradition that was commonplace. to their homelands. They seemed to gather on the hot beach, underneath their desert parasols, like 19th century European officers on leave with their wives. There were many nations, but interestingly enough, everyone wore the same uniform.

I felt at ease, and in certain sense welcome. Welcome because no one seemed to care one way or another, even if I had clothing on. I was out of uniform, in my Nautica swimwear, scoping out a place to lay down. And I was about to do what I dreamt of doing since I was a small boy; pull off my shirt and shorts and just be naked with nature.What struck me the most was the incredible feeling of walking naked on the hot sand. My motion through space, away from the security of my towel and swim trunks, through the sunbathers, and finally out into the warm Atlantic, gave me a sort of tranquil ecstasy. Part of the exhilaration of being nude, I have learned, is the act of abandoning one's clothing- the act of walking away from their false security. Add that to a full-body massage from a tropical breeze, rolling waves and hot sun, and I was suddenly aware of what I was deprived of my entire life.

I strongly recommend Haulover Beach, North of Miami, especially if it is your public debut. The beach is gorgeous, and the atmosphere was very healthy and normal.


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This report is brought to you by
Mushroom. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

First Time Report at La Pines, Louisiana.
June 2001

This is actually two "First Time Reports." One from me, Mushroom, and one from Spiderwoman (see report below).

Mushroom's account of his first experience with social nudity:

Spiderwoman and I are very comfortable being naked together. To put it simply, we just got use to it and enjoy being naked. So for a few years we were home nudist, without ever realizing that is what it is called. One time I asked her if she would ever consider trying a nude beach and she said she might. That was all that was said, and neither one of us thought about it again for a long time.

Then I began surfing the web. On a whim I searched for "nudism." With this I came across my first nudist/naturist web site, which led to many others. I enjoyed reading, especially first time accounts, and looking at the pictures, but the more I read the more appealing it became. The talk of freedom and self-acceptance intrigued me. The more I read the more I got interested in the life style. I began to be naked more at home. I was enjoying the thought of being naked and being naked in a social setting. But what would Spiderwoman think. This was something I really wanted to share with her.

I told her I was surfing the web and had discovered some nudist sites. I showed her a couple of sites, with pictures and she seemed to like it. She agreed that we were already nudist at home. I asked about a social setting and she seemed intrigued too. We were planning to go to California in the summer. I asked if when there she might like to try a nude beach. She said yes.

Spiderwoman and I really do not like going to beaches. I had bought a nude recreation guide and discovered a nude resort, Lupin, near where we would be in California. I read about it on the web and it seemed like a nice place, a possible place for our first social nude experience. However, also, in that book, I discovered a nude resort here in Louisiana, La Pines. When I found out about this Louisiana nudist resort I mentioned it to Spiderwoman. I thought that it might be a good idea to try nudism out here before California. She agreed. We decided to pick a free weekend. We decided to try camping, something else we wanted to experience together. We bought a tent, got some folding chairs and some other supplies and we made plans to go to La Pines for a weekend.

As the weekend approached we continued to talk about it. Mainly we talked about that first moment when we would be naked with others. Would we do it? (We knew we would, but there is always that doubt.) Would we be self-conscience? Would we like it? One thing we knew, we wanted to try it. Social nudism was something new to the both us, and something we wanted to share together. So June 29 through July 1, 2001, was going to be our first social nude experience. We waited with anticipation.

We had all our camping gear and that was a big focus. We talked about camping for the first time together, but we both knew why we were doing it. I guess the camping was something to talk about in the midst of our wondering what it would be like to be naked in front of others. Deep down we both knew that we both would do it, but I guess we still wondered. But we were really looking forward to the weekend. No matter what else happened it would be a weekend away.

There was a lot to look forward to, but most of all being naked. That thought was always there. It was the reason we were going camping. We knew we would end up naked, but how? At one time Spiderwoman suggested that we slowly get undressed as we pitched the tent. I guess we just had to wait till we got there.

The day came. We packed up the car and decided to go wearing just tee shirts and loose pants and no underwear. Why wear more, we were planning to get naked. We got there on Friday evening. We were shown an open spot near the pool were we could pitch our tent. We stayed clothed as we pitched our tent because we were not in a secluded place. We knew, without saying, that when we got naked we would not have any time alone to get use to it before we met others. As we were pitching the tent a couple came and introduced themselves. They were naked. They were welcoming and friendly. They left us to finish setting up camp. It was hot. We were both sweaty. When we finished we knew we wanted to go swimming and we knew what that meant, no clothing in the pool. We got in the tent and took our clothes off. Immediately, Spiderwoman a little ahead, we stepped out of the tent naked. We went to the pool area. An older man was in the pool and others were at the bar area. We took a shower and got in the pool and had a pleasant conversation with the man. The water felt wonderful. Others were around. We got out the pool and walked a little. We were naked and both realized how quickly we were use to it. How natural it felt. We were not self-conscience. It just felt wonderful. We had done it and we knew we were going to like it. After the swim we went to our tent and sat in our chairs and read and wrote in our journals. We were naked and enjoying it.

What follows is an excerpt from the journal entry I wrote: "One of the main things Spiderwoman and I want to do together is to live life to the fullest. That is one of reasons we are here. We want to experience the freedom of just being and in this case just being naked. Being free."

"A big part of this freedom is breaking from the taboos of the past like being naked in public. Freedom means being happy. And right now, being here with Spiderwoman, at a nudist resort, is being happy."

One of the nicer surprises was the communal shower. Spiderwoman and I were finishing a shower. Spiderwoman finished and a woman stepped under her shower and said that she needed a shower badly and began talking to us as we were drying off. It felt so natural and comfortable. Earlier I had met a professor from the college I went to and he introduced me to his wife. I was standing there naked and she and he were naked and it felt normal. It was so comfortable there. People were so friendly. It is just as Spiderwoman said, "There are no barriers. People are just people here." A major part of that is the lack of sexual tension. Growing up, I was taught that being naked was sexual and sexuality was bad. Now I know sexuality is good and being naked is just being naked. My life still goes on and it is wonderful.

What was amazing to me, beyond my expectations, was how tied into the whole person this experience was. The whole person can be seen as being physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Our first nudist experience touched all of these. Since then we had a wonderful time at Lupin, especially walking the trails, naked of course. We have also been back to La Pines and have since becomes members. We go as often as we can. It is the best way we have found to relax. Spending one day nude is like a week's vacation.

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This report is brought to you by
Spiderwoman. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

First Time Report at La Pines, Louisiana.
June 2001

This is actually two "First Time Reports." One from me, Spiderwoman, and one from Mushroom (see report above).

Spiderwoman's account of her first experience with social nudity:

I had never really thought about nudity very much on a conscious level at first. When I was a child about three or four years old I use to run around in my underwear all the time, because it was the closest I could get to being naked without my parents having a heart attack about it. But I remember I liked it, and I did not connect that nakedness in any way with sex. Of course after a while, social taboos instilled in me by my parents caused me to start wearing clothes more often and to be less naked most of the time. When I grew up and got my first apartment, I was often naked at home.

This was somewhat short lived as well, because I had my children and those social taboos returned. I had no exposure whatsoever to people who lived as nudist with their children, so there were no role models or support for me to continue to be nude at home in front of my children on an ongoing basis, though I did not always hide my body from my children, like when changing my clothes or getting out of the tub. So it is not that they were not exposed to nudity, just not in an ongoing manner. Up to a certain age, my children were not uncomfortable doing the same thing in front of me, or each other.

But right around puberty they became more self-conscious and started locking doors and avoiding being naked in front of me. This was fine with me. I did not really think about it one way or the other, other than that I saw this as a natural way of dealing with their nudity as they got older, and this was okay with me. I continued to do what I had always done, and this was okay with them.

Now I am with Mushroom. When we first got together we had talked off and on about going to a nude beach, if we ever went to Europe, because in Europe it is open and accepted and we would not know anyone there. Of course, this was always a safe way to think about it, because we probably would not go to Europe for many, many years to come.

Then one day, Mushroom asked me if I wanted to see a nudist website. I told him, "Sure. Why not." When I saw the pictures and read some of the accounts, I liked the natural way in which everyone seemed to be experiencing nudity with each other. I especially liked the way that everyone looked, that is, no model or movie star bodies that were anorexic looking. They were just everyday, average, normal people, the kind of people that most of us are. It made me start to feel better about my own body.

Mushroom and I talked a lot about how we thought being nude with other people would be like. He did most of the reading about people who were naturist, but he passed all that he learned on to me. We convinced ourselves that to be nude in front of other people would not be a sexual experience for us, but one that would be spiritually freeing. I had written a paper for my sexuality class once when I was an undergraduate in college about running naked through a forest. I often fantasized how it would feel to do this. Now I was thinking, maybe this could become a reality.

So, Mushroom and I planned our first trip to La Pines.

I will not go into the details of that first trip, because Mushroom has pretty much covered that. I do remember, though, that even as we got there and started setting up our camp, I had doubts that I would go all the way. As we set up the tent, getting closer and closer to the time when we would be finished setting up camp, I started to realize that it was going to be a 'now or never' situation for me. Somehow, I do not know how, I made myself not think about all of the things I had been told as a child about my body and about being naked in front of other people. Inside the tent, I pulled off my T-shirt and shorts. I looked at Mushroom who was nearly nude. "Are you ready?" he asked.

I was already pulling back the tent flap and stepping out into the broad daylight of La Pines where other people were nude. I stood up and Mushroom stood up next to me. We looked at each other, took a deep breath and headed for the showers and then the pool. It was the best swim I had ever had in my whole life. There were no woods to run through, but I did not need to have that experience to rid myself of all the sexual taboos I had been given as a child about my body. A body is just a body. The sexual part of it is what we are taught by our society. But La Pines was a place where I could go and not have to worry about whether or not someone would be 'turned on' by my body and make a 'pass' at me. No one cared.

For me, it is not so much that I can be nude socially, but that I can be nude in an environment that is quiet, peaceful and safe. When I am at La Pines, I can relax. I work all week with chronically mentally ill people. Listening to the trauma and chaos in other people's lives tends to build up inside of me after a while and I need an outlet to rid myself of the intense emotions that occur when working with this population. At La Pines, taking off my clothes is like taking off the trauma I have carried with me from work. To be nude for a day or two in nature is like cleansing myself, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is also true of my own everyday problems. It is like getting down to basics and starting over.

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This report is brought to you by
Dai and Laura. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

Colorado First Time Report.
September 2001

2001 was for me a year of change, and awakening. Born nude and natural into the world forty years ago, I have been a practicing nudist now since September 2001.

The best part of my experiences is that I am not alone, but share them with my spouse. Our first experience was on the property of a nudist couple. There we were able to spend a long weekend of relaxed contemplation, on a bluff above Montrose, CO.; the nights were just starting to have some Fall crispness in them, and the days were sunny and clear.

Since that time we have met fellow nudists through the web, and even joined a non-landed club in the Denver area. We now enjoy a regularly scheduled swim, and especially enjoy day trips to The Well, a hot springs pool that is located near Penrose, Colorado. We tested the waters, of the pool, the hot spring, and the lifestyle, and found the water warm and inviting.


Dai and Laura are new members of Rocky Mountain Naturists in Denver.

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