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Open Letter

July, 2000

Tex just brought up a problem that a lot of men have had with getting the wife or girl friend to at least try the nudist life style. I think the main reason that a lot of women are afraid to be seen by other people naked is the old ( I don't look like a model ) syndrome.

Women are very picky about how they look. It seems the #1 thing is I'm a little over weight or I'm a lot over weight. #2 I've had babies and now I have these stretch marks ( god I hope nobody sees these ). #3 My breasts are not where there supposed to be or are too small or too big. #4 That's nasty, There a bunch of sex maniac's. I say these things in jest but a lot of it is true.

That's the way my wife felt for a long time. She would run around the house without a stitch on and think nothing of it but the first time I suggested that we go to a landed club, it was "Oh no not me! I'm to fat". I think what really started her thinking about it was when I started telling our kids ( Jessica 11 and Kevin 9 ) about the times I had gone to the nude beaches around California. And about the people that I had met at the beaches. There were old people, men and women. people of all sizes and shapes, young kids playing volley ball and swimming in the ocean. But what made me want to go back and do it again was how friendly they all were. There wasn't that up tight attitude or that comparison that every one give you ( the old look up and down ) when you meet them.

By now the kids had gotten use to their mom and I sitting around the house with out any clothes on and they were doing they same. So when I brought up the idea of going to a landed club they were all for it. And helped me talk my wife into at least trying it. It took a lot of courage for my wife to say "ok" but she did. She even called Deer Park and set up our first visit. I was use to being naked around other people but my family wasn't. We were given a tour of the park ( with clothes on ) and decided to go to the club house after the tour. They have a Jacuzzi in the club house and there wasn't any one there so I took off my clothes first and got in the jacuzzi. Debbie and The kids weren't far behind me. After the initial disrobing every one started relaxing and having a good time. Little by little other people came in and started talking to us and introducing themselves. And guess what? There were no Cindy Crawfords or Arnold Swartzenaggers just a bunch of every day people like us.

We walked up to the pool area and went swimming, sat around on the lawn and talked to all the naked people and it was great. They had a hamburger fry and later had karoki for any one that wanted to try there singing. And later that night they had a nice dinner in the club house. When we left that night all I heard from Debbie and the kids was "when are we going back". So I guess what it all boils down to is getting up the guts to at least trying it. Tex I hope your wife is at least willing to read my letter.

Glenn (High_Desert_Nudists)

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