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o My Bare Travel. On this site I visit and give reviews and photos of different nudist resorts that we visit. The site is updated regularly.
o is a place for you to discover clubs, make friends, and share your thoughts in the online nudist community. We are real nudists and naturists joining together to enjoy wholesome family nude recreation. Join us today by creating your free profile, searching for new friends, and linking to your favorite nudist clubs. Visit the site for additional information.
o Tom's Tours is a lifestyle and nudist tours website. Visit the site for additional information.
o Tom and Karin is a personal website about the pair of us and our main interest of naturism explaining why we like it, why we go on nude holidays and what people expect or do not expect from naturism. we have a guest gallery as well as our own photos on the site and we have a sense of humour with it. Visit the site for additional information.
o Nudist Law. This site answers legal questions about nudist law. It deals with naturist issues and reviews nudist articles worldwide. It examines nude court cases regarding naturist families, public nudity and nude material. Visit the site for additional information.
o Heavenly Dolphin Collectibles. Looking for a unique gift for a dolphin lover? We aim to please ocean & sea creature enthusiasts. Share our love of dolphins and creatures of the sea by browsing our online store. We feature unique dolphin, figurines, wind chimes, water globes, incense & oil burners, bathroom accessories, and much more. While you’re there check out our free Just For Fun page with words of the day, daily horoscope, smile of the moment, and free E-cards. We try to continue supplying new and sought after products, so come back often to see what changes we’ve made to the site! Visit the site for additional information.
o A Masters Touch Massage is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Richard and Deanna serve some of the most famous celebrities in the world - all our naturist friends are considered famous to us. In ancient times, kings and queens were washed, oiled, massaged and pampered in the privacy of their chambers. Richard travels to his client/friends with a servant’s heart and a vast experience of treating their clients like actual royalty. Whether in hotels, personal residence or wherever, he will come to you. Visit the website for additional information.
o Naked Yoga for Men (Cambridge, MA, USA). We are a yoga class for men only. As of January 2005 we are five years old and have met over 350 times. We don’t care if you are young or old, straight or gay, black or white, toned or sagging. We take pride in our friendly, supportive but non-sexual and non-cruisy atmosphere. We are refreshingly free of attitude. We meet Sundays at 6:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in Central Square, Cambridge, MA. Visit the site for additional information.
o Hot Nude Yoga combines aspects of Hatha, Vini, and power yoga, with Tantric practice. The sessions are open to all levels of expertise, however the practice has a certain intensity level to it, unlike most other forms of exercise and training. Hot Nude Yoga will help you explore all aspects of yogic life. You will increase core strength and discover new muscles. You will expand your understanding of your physical, sexual and spiritual dimensions. In time, Hot Nude Yoga may even expand your consciousness. Please note that being nude is mandatory with no exceptions. Visit the site for additional information.
o Nude Hikers Message Board, for those who enjoy the simple freedom of being out in the wilderness, hiking, running, or perhaps occasionally dipping, without clothes. And, through doing so enjoy and more fully appreciate the wonderful creation that is our planet just as we entered into it. This message board is simply for sharing information about nude hiking by those who enjoy it. Visit the board for additional information.
o All About Nudism. Nudism is: "A movement of nudity promotion and its practicing". The word has its origin in the Latin "nudo", that means "naked". But evermore there is in this connection a more modern term used, and that is 'naturism'. It comes from the Latin word natura, that means "nature". If with nudism we mean the promotion and practicing of nudity as such, naturism is more concentrating on the return of the man to the nature through his dwelling without clothes in a natural environment of the nature. On our web site we use to use mainly the word nudism, because this term is to the public generally more known. Visit the website for additional information.
o Back To Eden Christian Naturists is a Christ-centered nudist club located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We believe that Jesus died for our salvation, and by that great blessing He restored to all believers the GRACE that was once given to our foreparents, Adam and Eve. Members need a fully complete Yahoo profile and Christian interests for membership. Posting of naturist photos should be sent to Dee and and they must be naturist content only. Rich and Dee are also experienced massage therapists at website and serve some of the most famous clients in the world. Visit the website for additional information.
o Paradision - an online novel. An online novel (in German, downloadable as pdf and as doc) with the title Paradision. It is about a nation in the far future. Everyone lives naked, it is like the paradise. Hidden engines regulate the climate. Nobody has to work hard, everyone is an artist. But one day a boy disappears. A young couple, educators of the boy, try to find him. In a secret library in the middle of the capital Magna they find the terrible truth about the foundation of this nation. Visit the website for additional information.
o Nytro's Christian Nudist/Naturist Page. Can I be in a socially nude situation without sin? While thinking about this issue recently, God put a new twist on something that I have known for a long time. God, with the exception of the few examples in the Bible, does not care what a person is wearing, but rather what is in a persons heart! Visit the website for additional information.
o Canadian Content Nudist / Naturist Forums. Friendly, Non Sexual Oriented Canadian Content Forums. (Link is also in the Canada/General section.) Visit the website for more information.
o Spirituality, Druidism & Naturism. Naturism is a philosophy and a way of life that has historical links with modern Druidry, and that fits perfectly with the Druid understanding of life - but you don't have to be a Naturist to be a Druid! There is nothing in Druidry that requires nudity, and one of the fundamental principles of the Druid way is that you should never feel that you have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If Naturism isn't for you that's fine! The following pages explore the relationship between the Druid and Naturist ways of life, and provide historical information, archive photographs, quotations and comprehensive links. Visit the website for more information.
o The Body Freedom Cooperative is a grassroots network of artists, writers, outdoor enthusiasts, citizen activists, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs aggressively advancing opportunities on appropriate public lands for body-positive, clothing-free recreation and creative expression, in non-sexual contexts. Our aim is to replace body-negative unawareness with a celebrative passion for wholesome and diverse free expression to help forge a major shift in the way we will live and relate to each other after centuries of unwarranted repression.
o Here is something a little different for people who think of clothes as decoration for the body - not a cover up! The Bead Man is the world's first (and only) creator and purveyor of bespoke bead costumes, swim suits and lingerie - ideal for the nude beach, pool or PJ party - and other fun items, including bead flags, koozies and even Christmas stockings. Visit our site to see beautifully modeled costumes photographed in Grand Lido's au naturel Resort in Braco, Jamaica. New items are being added all the time.
o Skinny-dipping in Siberia. The feeling of bathing naked in some of the most remote wildernesses on earth is as pure and natural as naturism gets. My site aims to show that naturist travellers can enjoy Siberia and other parts of the world just as much as a European beach. Visit the site for additional information.
o Clothing Optional Site. This is a small personal site maintained by the Vice President of the Southern California Naturist Association, L. A. (Tony) Wilkinson. Contains news of SCNA and information on Southern California area naturism. Visit the site for additional information.
o The Jamaican Waterslide Team is comprised of a group of fun loving people from all walks of life and from all over the US and other countries that is going back to Hedonism II in Jamaica. We also represent all ages and form an interesting mix of couples and singles. Visit the site for additional information.
o Nudist We are dedicated to enhancing and promoting volleyball at FAMILY nudist resorts, beaches and clubs. This is not a pornographic site and contains no pictures of any kind. We provide nudists/naturists with information on tournaments and places to play the game the way it should be played. Let the games begin. Visit the site for additional information.
o Paul Hildreth's Naturism Page. A basic personal page expressing feelings about naturism and documenting the building of a sauna, above ground pool and a garden naturist area. Visit the site for additional information.
o John of the Smooth and Cut Naturists (SCN) Club. My name is John, I am a life-long naturist and have been a 'total body smoothie' for over 20 years. I run Smooth and Cut Naturists (SCN) which is a UK club for smooth ladies and smooth and circumcised gentlemen. Visit the website for additional information.
o Linda's Special Naturist Place. I am a 49 year old single gal in Southern California, and I created my homepage to meet other nudists and to find my soul mate in the nudist community. Visit the website for additional information.
o Annette & Herbert's Homepage. Travels with our RV, nudist camping, a small view into our private lives. Visit the website for additional information.
o - A matchmaking site for single nudists, limited to members of AANR. Visit the website for additional information.
o Jan and Mike's Naturist Site. Jan & I have been naturists for many years, initially only as holiday naturists in such places as St Tropez and Skiathos. Some seven or eight years ago we decided to look into a more active role and though membership of a naturist "club" did not appeal, we joined CCBN and this led to us attending a local naturist swim, where we were introduced to a number of people who enjoyed beach naturism at an unofficial beach near Southerndown in South Wales UK. Whilst our Website is currently somewhat limited we aim to develop it over the winter months and are looking for potential "links" worldwide. Visit the website for additional information.
o Naturist Studies is a site dedicated to trying to inspire peer-reviewed scientific studies of naturism, especially how it affects growing children's later adult behavior. Visit the website for additional information.
o Naturism_Asia. For promoting a healthy lifestyle of naturism/nudism amongst Asians, be it alone or as a family. You are welcomed to share your experiences, questions, etc. Please state your country of origin when you post your messages. Inappropriate sexual contents will be deleted and actions will be taken against members that post such objectional materials. Visit the website for additional information.
o Nudist Land. A comprehensive nudist/naturist directory for real, diverse, silly, everyday people who vote and enjoy the same social functions as anyone else. They just do it wearing a little less. Visit bare books, bare videos, bare comedy and much more! The Right to Bare Arms is Your Right. Visit the website for additional information.
o Nudist Town - Message Board. The purpose of the club is to establish a discussion and membership in putting together plans for a small, nudist town. Lets talk! I am sure there are enough nudists with varied backgrounds who would be interested in discussing and planning for such a possibility. Visit the site and enjoy!
oJ-Ph Vantighem. La photo à la carte, cours et stages photo, prises de vues personnalisées, idées cadeaux, réalisations au studio, à votre domicile ou sur le lieu de votre choix. Visit the site for additional information.
o Happy Nature Naturism. Visitors of Happy Nature ask us often: Why we did it and How can we show our body naked to everybody on the net like that... It wasn't that easy to do it... Of course, not for nice people and naturists all over the world... but for the other coming there only for gawking at women nude... On the other side, we can see so much "sad" nudity on the net, nothing to see with nature and freedom, only sex and money... Then, if you think you are able to share some "natural" happiness and joy with friends, you don't think anymore of "showing" yourself, you "proclaim" your freedom to the world, you say : I don't care of narrow minded people, I am there only for the ones who are able to understand. Site include: Photos, News, Poetry, Opinion, Guest Book, Links, and more! Visit the site for additional information.
o Naturistement Vôtre de Rita et Olivier. Description des centres naturistes en France. English : Naturally Yours of Rita and Olivier. Description of the nudist centrum in France. Visit the website for additional information.
o NatureVin. --"indigenous naturist" - a descendent of a Native American northern California tribe. Surrealist artist who worships the great outdoors. -- Web site is dedicated to all naturists, and how I enjoy living my life the way it was intended. -- Also includes facts about the Cahuilla, Maidu, Pomo, and Wintun Native American Tribes and their garments. Visit the website for additional information.
o The definition of streaking, as it pertains to, is the non-sexual act of running, jogging, sprinting, rollerblading, or cycling without clothing. Site includes: a forum/message board; pictures; stories; events; links to other streaking websites. Visit the website for additional information.
o Helensburgh Naturists. The Home of Scotlands West Coast Naturists. A yahoo club for all naturists in our local area. Messages, photos, chat, news, links. Visit the site for more information.
o Young Adult Nudists. This board is for NON-PREJUDICE young nudists 18-38 that would like to become penpals and friends of others in this lifestyle. HAVE FUN!!Messages, photos, chat, news, links. Visit the site for additional information.
o Fig Leaf Forum is a twelve page text-only newsletter whose mission is to offer fellowship, edification and encouragement to Bible-believing Christian nudists. It is non-denominational, non-political, and is not published for profit. The newsletter is a conservative publication for serious-minded Christians who wish to be part of a serious discussion about Christian nudism and related topics. Fig Leaf Forum encourages and promotes nudist conduct of the highest moral character. Visit the site for additional information.
o Boyd Allens Christian Naturism. As you can tell by the location, no photos. However I try to put a lot of information and thoughts here. It's a Christians view of Naturism and why I believe that God is not ashamed of what He created. Facts and hopefully humor mix here. Are we ashamed of what God created and called "very good"? Do we believe God or Satan? The Forum site is an extension and communication side of the main site. Visit the website for additional information.
o Mike and Tracys Naturist page. This site includes writeups on New England naturist resorts and beaches. Tracy and Mike are both new to naturism, we update the page with reviews of New England naturist locations which we have visited. We also include thoughts and ideas on what naturism means to us. Visit the site for additional information.
o Robin's Random Rambles. For 'Nudism', click the book on the right stack of books. Things on my mind, which might interest you: education, thoughts, ego, games, New Zealand, politics, books, swimming, music, technology, NUDISM, photography. Visit the site for additional information.
o Biff's Bunch™ is a group that meet at Hedonism II the first week of May each year. It was formed in an effort to get all of our friends from Hedonism II back together each year. Many Hedonism links and an annual trip to Paradise Lakes in Florida. Visit the website for additional information. (See our listing in
o Roger Wright's International Miniten page. Miniten is a sport which is played by naturists in many countries, particularly America, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand. If you wish to have any naturist sport-orientated info. such as rules, pics, past and current event winners, venue locations and organisers and future games schedules on the site, please email Roger. This site includes: the game of miniten; the rules; Amateur Miniten Association of Great Britain rules; the singles game; the doubles game; rules for Regional Championship Playoffs; rules for the National Doubles Finals; rules for Junior events; rules of Eligibility. Visit the website for additional information. (See our listing in
o David Martin. This page is the front door to an independent service for those around the world interested in social nudity (naturism) - with special emphasis on the British scene. The site is going to be re-launched soon but with the same address. The books on the website, some of which have been written by David Martin, are also in the Shopping Mall. Visit the website for additional information.
o The Virtual Naturist site provides and caters for all the Naturist's needs, be it information, Naturist contacts, chat, or Web hosting, & much more besides, it also offers extensive on-line shopping possibilities with hundreds of naturist related products and services. The products in this website are also in the Shopping Mall. Visit the website for additional information.
o David Beal. Computer technician and programmer... specializing in web page design and dbase. One of my favorite things to do is to go back packing plus I am a part-time singer/entertainer. I have been a nudist all my life, co-run a naturist forum section on compuserve (HSX100 - Naturist Lifestyles) and am the technical support on NetNude. Visit the website for additional information.
o David Geary's Ego Trip. Professional opera singer/stage director, long-time nudist, fan of Maria Callas and Rosalind Russell. Visit the website for additional information.
o Jamaica Jim's Home Place! - Jim is a guy who loves to provide information to others who are interested in finding out about the Caribbean, the islands that he's visited or which he has knowledge of... including - Jamaica, Negril and Hedonism in Jamaica. He can also be seen at Go Classy Tours where he has a column and folks can e-mail him questions.
o Denny's Caribbean Destinations. Check out the new trip reports. Get information on travel news items and special rates. Are you going to Hedonism II in Jamaica? Check out who else will be there at the same time as you! Add your information & meet other people Hedo via email before your trip. From Denny's main page click on the 'Hedonism II Visitor Schedule' link in the left column.
o Doug Ball - The Naturism Home Page - Visit Doug Ball's naturist site. Explore the fascinating world of Naturism. Learn about naturist clubs, resorts, and activities. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world already enjoy the benefits of clothes-free recreation. Naturist facts, videos, places and links. Visit the website for additional information.
o Being and Nakedness - Visit Charles Daney's excellent naturist site. Every Nudist/Naturist site on the Web. Over 1000 links, organized into categories. Nakedness and Nature is a great page. Sign up for The Weekly Nudesletter. Visit the website for additional information.
o Patti Logan Biography Read Patti's article in the People Articles section. Her home club is Forest Murmurs Travel Club, which is based in Lacey, Washington. Visit the website for additional information.
o The Worldwide Affiliate Network presents and links with many positive alternative lifestyles and is inclusive of the Nudist/Naturist Lifestyle. It also has THE GRAND BARN as the home destination of its members/visitors and new potential ones.

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