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In the quiet of the world.

In the quiet of the world
I walk the stony battlements 
of a cool and verdant hillside. 
Waiting for the sun 
to warm my naked skin 
and fill my soul with peace. 

For the voice of the wind
Whispering thru the autumn leaves
to tell me it's secrets 
in the universal language.
In my solitude I feel the march of time 
my nakedness transcending 
the mundane world I left behind.
I see my path unfold before me 
It stretches down thru the green grass and 
takes me to the bank of the great wide flowing river of time. 
All things, all people, all my thoughts 
and everything I am converge 
and flow slowly down the river 
with the rest of the naked multitudes 

As the warm sun rises 
so rise my thoughts 
to a higher place. 
Bringing me piece 
and showing me the way 
to a better life, 
In the quiet of the world. 

A small stone statue.

I found a small statue
Carved in stone
On a forgotten shelf
in a second hand store.

An earth mother
worn with the loving touch of many people.
naked and smiling .

With ample breasts
and large round hips
she speaks to me.

And to all who've touched her
and felt her love
her warmth her gentle smile
her loving embrace.

Born of all women, all mothers.
she tells me of her love
for her many children
for all the children of the world.

A little restraint.

While at my sons birthday pool party at the local Y.M.C.A.,
I was sweatin' bullets !
I said "It just shouldn't be so hot in here, should it?"
My  friend  replied " I'm hot to,I'd like to rip off my clothes !"
I almost followed my nose, 
I wanted to tell him "Let's do it !"

Being a big fat chicken though
I showed some restraint
and decided to wait.

Later,back at my house
they were all outside for a bit talking,
'cept for me, being a big ole'lazy louse,
I stayed in the house.

Later,I thought everyone had skipped,
so I stayed inside and got "comfortable"
if you catch my drift.

Suddenly,My  friend stepped inside,
to use the phone
So I tried frantically to hide
my naughty bits !

I tried hard to explain my uncovered state
but  his eyes held a fierce look of hate.
He said "Buddy boy,you got some nerve !'
I told him "I'm a nudist !",
and He replied "O jees, I'm sorry,
I am too, but I just thought you were a big fat PERV' !!"

Mostly though' it isn't so bad
Telling others about your life unclad
and the summers can be o so great !

Sometimes times however 
It may be better
to show a little restraint.

Stone Garden.

I went back to my garden today
in the brown winter woods
to sit in the sun for the first time
since the fall.

The dry crackle of last years leaves
And the dry bones of fallen branches
were all that remained
Of the year gone by.

But the sun felt fine on my skin
and a blue jay on a nearby hill
made good company

The  remnants of snow were finally gone
and the breeze carried the earthy scent
of the new season
thru my garden.

Couldn’t think of much else to say
so I just lay back on the warm granite
and smiled to myself.

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