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This survey is that after analyzing several videos, newspapers, and magazines from the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, including those produced by TNS, AANR and FCN, I discovered that out of approximately 7000 people depicted showing the nudist/naturist lifestyle, only 25 were shown smoking a cigarette or pipe. That works out to 0.36%.

The conclusion is that either smoking is very rare amongst nudists/naturists, especially within club settings, OR, materials chosen to depict the nudist/naturist lifestyle may deliberately avoid presenting images of people who smoke, indicating that smoking in nudist/naturist settings is unacceptable and undesireable.

Survey by Merv Krull.

A Survey of the Number of Nudists/Naturists Depicted Smoking in a Random Selection of Nudist and Naturist Media.

     The purpose of this survey is to determine whether smoking is acceptable or desirable within a nudist/naturist setting based on images representing and promoting nude recreation. Materials selected were created by leading nudist/naturist organizations and producers.

Media/Publication                   #of people     #smoking          percent

The Bulletin, Dec 98                   192+           0                 0%
   American Association for 
   Nude Recreation (AANR), 
   Kissimmee, Florida, USA

The Bulletin, Nov 98                   170+           0                 0%

AANR Promotional Video: 
   Welcome to Our World                232+           2 (maybe)         0.86%
   Amalgam Productions
   Calgary, Alberta

Going Natural, Fall 98                 294+           1 (maybe)         0.34%
   Federation of Canadian Naturists
   Etobicoke, Ontario,

Going Natural, Summer 98               500+*6         0                 0%

Australian Sun & Health, Oct/Dec 92    220+           0*4               0%
   L&J Hotchkin, Fast Proof Press
   Nerang, Queensland, Australia

Australian Sun & Health, Jul/Sep 92    282+           0                 0%

Au Naturel, Spring 86                  96+            0                 0%
   Federation quebecoise de naturisme
   Les Enterprise Quebec Compo Inc.
   St Leonard, Quebec

Au Naturel, Fall 86                    58+            0                 0%

New Zealand Naturist, March 92         154+           0                 0%
   New Zealand Nudist Federation
   Graeme Brown, Editor
   New Zealand Naturist, Sept 92,      64+            0                 0%

Naturally, Spring 93,                  141+           0                 0%
   Bernard J. Loibl, Editor/Publisher
   Newfoundland, New Jersey, USA						

Naturally, Summer 93,                  170+           0                 0%

Video preview: Bare and Beautiful      45+            0                 0%
   Skinny-Dipping Productions
   New York, New York

Video preview: Joy of Skinny Dipping    66+           0                 0%

Video: The Sensual Art of Body Painting 176+          2                 1.14%*1

Video: The Joy of Skinny Dipping        1045+*3       6                 0.6%	

Video: Cypress Cove                     412+          0*2               0%
   Randy Carver for 
   Sun Cove of Kissimmee, Inc.
   Kissimmee, Florida, USA
   1991										.

Video: Canada Naturally                 576+          14 (maybe)*5      0.17%
   David Ball
   Heritage International

TNS Promotional Video:
   Experience the Freedom               257+          0                 0%
   The Naturist Society 
   Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

"N" magazine 18.1                       804+          0                 0%

"N" magazine 18.2                       835+          0                 0%
TOTALS                                  6989+         25 (maybe)        0.36%

     -The percentage of nudists/naturists depicted smoking in all of the 
      above materials is equal to or less than 0.36% or almost four out
      of one thousand.
     -The rate of nudists/naturists depicted smoking in materials produced
      by nudist/naturist organizations is 0.07% or almost one out of one 

*1 Includes a lot of footage of Fantasy Fest, a public (non-club) event where 
   one would expect to see more smoking. 

*2 One pack of cigarettes can be seen on a patio table.

*3 Includes scenes from Euronat's huge beach and camp proper. Rumour says that
   the rate of smoking in Europe is higher than in North America. This video
   did not support the rumour..

*4 One ashtray on a bar had a cigarette sitting on it.

*5 Most smokers were in a crowd watching a nude wedding. 

*6 Includes an approximation of the number of people on Wreck Beach as depicted
   in the ad for FCN's Canadian Guide To Naturist Resorts and Beaches. I looked 
   at the original copy to determine an estimate of the total number of people 
   and I could not find anyone clearly shown smoking.

      The total number of nudists/naturists is approximate only. This includes 
advertisements and artistic portrayals, and does not include children who appear
to be under the age of 18. The actual number is probably higher as noted by the 
+ sign. Attempts were made to avoid counting the same people twice. For example, 
in a series of photos of a beach, an approximate total of clearly seen people on 
the beach was determined and no additional counting was done for the rest of the 
series.  Total number of people clearly depicted smoking was relatively easy except 
as noted (maybe) where one or two were given the benefit of the doubt. There was 
only one image of someone smoking a pipe in all of these materials.

     It was also discovered that throughout all of these nudist/naturist materials, 
drinking of alcoholic beverages was shown as being limited to special places, 
special occasions, or dining. Only three people (out of a total of 6989+) were seen 
carrying a beer in general areas of camps.

     Either smoking is very rare amongst nudists/naturists, especially within club 
settings, OR materials chosen to depict the nudist/naturist lifestyle may deliberately 
avoid presenting images of people who smoke, indicating that smoking in 
nudist/naturist settings is unacceptable and undesirable.

     The national rate of smoking in Canada is approximately 27% (Health Canada). 
It is probably safe to assume that the rate in the United States is very similar. 
One would expect to find a similar rate amongst nudist/naturist materials unless 
there was some compelling reason for the difference. 
     People become members of nudist/naturist organizations by choice. 
Nudist/naturist organizations generally promote healthy lifestyles. A part of that
choice then, must be to pursue a healthy lifestyle. 

     The survey of this material very clearly indicates that smoking does not fit
the image of healthy, wholesome nude recreation: smoking and nudism/naturism do 
not mix.

Survey by Merv Krull
January 5, 1999

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