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Social Nudism from a Teen's POV

As an average teenager here in America, there are many challenges that I face on an almost daily basis. Overall I am very happy with my present, regardless of the changes that have occurred in the last several years. I now consider myself to be at the peak of my life. I have reached the highest point where I am finally discovering who I am and what my true purpose is. For these reasons, I feel that there are many influences that have shaped my life for the better. I owe a great deal to my friends, family, and change of lifestyle.

I have taken a strong interest in nudism within the past year and a half. I love the feeling of being free and not having to worry about society's everyday hassles. When nude, I feel more like myself. The only time I feel out of place is when I'm around others who do not share my same sense of freedom. This is understandable however, since not everyone is comfortable with their nudity in the way that I am. Part of being a naturist to me is respecting others and how they choose to live and what they choose to wear or not to wear. I live with my grandparents and was not brought up in a nudist environment. Despite this, I was always taught decent morals and values. I learned not to hate, but to express feelings of courtesy and respect towards every individual.

The above reasons are mainly what set the stage for me to take the plunge into the unknown and try out nudism for myself! While surfing the web one afternoon, I happened to come across a web site relating to this topic. I was 15 years old at this time, and had not yet made the division between the concept of sex and harmless nudity. I believed that naturism was practiced by adults only. This is where I was in for a big surprise! The first thing I noticed were the pictures the site had neatly laid out. Many of them included young children, teens, and even entire families enjoying the benefits of nude recreation. Two things clued me in that this wasn't pornography. The people in the photos were not perfect looking models wearing makeup, or posing in a sexual manner. I also knew that if this was in fact porn, the site would not last long without any legal troubles. I then decided to click the link that brought up some text, knowing that it was there for a reason as well. Just as every other site I have visited since this one, it contained a very healthy and positive outlook of the nudist lifestyle.

There are many aspects of society that I have never been able to understand. Not once have I felt the need to fight or be considered "popular" in school. It is necessary at times to simply be assertive to let other know you are not one to be picked on. I am enjoying my life much more without being involved in the never-ending popularity struggle. Instead, I prefer to be known and liked, but not talked about behind my back. This way there is no pressure on me and I can choose my own friends, rather than thinking I must belong exclusively to a certain group. Overall, I am a peaceful person who gets along well with almost everyone. I am very turned off by things such as hate and discrimination. This is yet another reason why I have adopted the nudist lifestyle. Everyone is treated equal among naturists, and a warm sense of community shines on through.

I have always disliked waking up in the morning before school and looking for an outfit that is both attractive and comfortable. Often times, the pants are too tight or too loose, and the shirts are too short, or way too big. There is only one outfit that always seems to feel and look just right... my birthday suit! There are times when clothing is necessary of course. I would not work around saw blades and torches while in jewelry class in the buff, just as I wouldn't take a shower with my clothes on. In the same way, I don't see a problem with a family going nude around the privacy of their own home. I often go sunbathing in my backyard. We also have a second home in a more secluded area where I spend the majority of my time nude walking along the trails or swimming in the lake. This has now become my favorite part of the summer!

Nudism is in no way, shape, or form about showing off or "parading around naked" as so many believe it to be. It is about freedom of choice and relaxation in a non-sexual setting. At first, I had a rough time when trying to distinguish between sex and nudity. For most of my life society had sent me the message that nudity is shameful and indecent. This proves that when taught something at an early age, you will most likely believe in it no matter if it is actually right or wrong. I just don't see the harm in a couple taking a nude jog down the street to try to keep cool, or a teenage boy or girl not wrapping a towel around them first thing when they get out of the shower because they are proud of their bodies and trusting to those they care about most. We all have genitals - there are no secrets about that. However, in a public beach setting it has become more acceptable to wear tiny bikinis where over 75% of the body is showing, yet nudity is looked on to be offending in the exact same area.

Nudism is a healthy lifestyle for just about everyone who is interested in it, regardless of age or background. Many families around the world already participate. When you and the others around you are nude, the atmosphere becomes much more friendly and tolerant. The human body is realized to be a part of nature, and therefore is nothing to be ashamed of. When nude, there is nothing to hide behind any longer. All that is left is the great sense of freedom which is nothing short of amazing...

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