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These articles are about women in naturism and their experiences. This page has been created to help women overcome any hesitation they have about trying naturism and, hopefully, the articles will answer a lot of questions for you. Enjoy!!

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The Naturist Perspective

Cheri Alexander

"So, your partner is interested in nudism..."


An Open Letter

I am the moderator of a mail list One of my members is a male nudist but his wife is against the idea of nudism. I'm also in the process of setting up a non landed club for families and couples only, so you can see his problem when he asked me if he would be able to join. In an effort to try and get his wife to at least try our life style I sent him this letter.

Julie Dailey

"A Soul Set Free" and "Welcome, Ladies"


Linda's Nudist Forum. Share your thoughts and feelings about the nudist lifestyle, share travel tips and more. You never know, you could make a new friend along the way.


Barely Melissa is my website that chronicles my ascent into nudism. Within the site you'll also find information on how becoming a nudist helped me to overcome the body shame and guilt associated with years of childhood sexual abuse. My friends will tell you that I am the last person in the world who would adopt the nudist lifestyle. In the summer of 2003, I would have agreed with that synopsis. Now, however, Iím so thankful that Iíve changed my ways and become a nudist. Iím hopeful that sharing my nudist adventures will help others to more completely understand nudism as well as give them the courage to try it for themselves.

Patti Logan

Nude Time

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Comment on 'naturist beauty'.
Posted on the message board in response to a question from another poster: "How can I convince my wife to become a naturist".


First Time "Testimony" written through the eyes of Dave, her husband.

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