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This report is brought to you by Dave.

This report was written by Susie's husband, Dave, and tells of her first experience into naturism.

October 1998

Well, Susie's excursion into the scary unknown went pretty good! :-)))) Very good, in fact. This is my second major (pleasantly surprising) shock this year! (the first being my own decision to be a naturist eight months ago - and Susie's easy-going acceptance of the philosophy - , and learning to my delight that it was so "unsexual").

She was quite nervous at first (and for days beforehand), but then she did surprisingly well, given the additional legitimate personal reasons for her being more apprehensive than even your usual female rookie (more on that below). She met a naked man or two as we made our way up to the locker room, and she didn't blush or act nervous or anything LOL (she had gone with me to one other nudist event, but she remained clothed that time - and overcome with anxiety the whole night).

Upon disrobing, I took her right away to the hot tub. She had a towel-like robe that she wore to walk around in. At the time only Sonja and Karl were in the hot tub (and she had already met them in the locker room), so that was relatively easy for her to shed her robe and dip up to her neck in the four-foot deep tub (which had bubbly water - even more convenient for a rookie). She loved how the hot water and whirlpool jets felt (who doesn't? :-).

Then we went to the pool, 20 feet away, for a good 40-45 minutes at least. She really enjoyed that, too, and how it felt, how the water "glided" over her body. I held her up horizontally in the water and walked her across the pool, as she can't swim, so she could better feel what it was like. We chatted with another couple in the water, and Susie didn't seem particularly inhibited. I asked the woman to talk about *her* first time, which was good for the purpose of helping Susie "loosen up," laugh a little, etc. As the night proceeded, I asked other women about their first time, too - knowing that would make Susie feel more comfortable. This was a very successful "strategy."

Later we went back to the hot tub once or twice, when a lot of people were in it. Each little "event" was a big achievement for Susie, and I kept telling her I was "proud" of her (she was proud of me when I stood up against my boss and a totally unjust pay cut last week. LOLOL I won that little battle, too! :-).

Then I went to play volleyball. That was definitely too scary for her on her first night, so she just watched the (4 or 5) games through the glass wall (she said she really enjoyed watching *me* later - which is encouraging after 14 years of marriage :-). I noticed that she was talking freely to other people while I played (she's quite shy), which pleased me.

Driving home, I asked her how she liked it, and she said she did; that she would go again for sure, and that the people were very friendly. She told me it wasn't as hard as she thought it would be, and that (strangely) she felt more uncomfortable around nude women than nude men. I believe it was the beginning of a healing process for her, as she has very painful background experiences of having to wear a cumbersome metal back brace for scoliosis (and all the medical examinations that entails - traumatic and accutely embarrassing for a 12 to 17-year-old girl). Naturism is still a bit scary for her (which is to be expected), but the biggest hurdle by far is behind her and I am pretty sure it will get easier each time (based on my own experience and that of almost all naturists).

So - although it will be a process - we both think that naturism will be a very good "treatment" for her long-running body image and self-image / self-confidence barriers. She said she was proud of herself for going for the first time (I asked), and I kept telling her how proud I was of her, and how happy I was that she liked it. I think this took more guts for her to do than anything I have done in my life. But she is already seeing the benefits of her courageous act. Outwardly and objectively, Susie is a very attractive woman, with beautiful big brown eyes and a well-proportioned 103 lbs on a 5'2" frame, at nearly 40 and after having three children. But that fact by itself can't overcome inner attitudes and conditioning resulting from difficult childhood experiences, as anyone (particularly women) who has struggled with similar "bondages" can readily understand.

We talked on the way home (it's a 50-mile drive) about what a wonderful philosophy and way of life naturism is, how simple and "natural" and innocent a notion it is, and how unfortunate and sad it was that so many people will never comprehend that - the main reason being a pack of lies which are commonly held: that it is sexual in purpose and intent, pornographic, a front for swingers, or orgies, or a singles bar-type atmosphere, etc. How far from the truth! I have been to many church picnics and even church services (being an avid Catholic Christian myself) where there was far more sexual innuendo and amorous game-playing "in the air" than I have ever observed at a nudist event. This simply has to be experienced to be believed. It was the most difficult thing for me to accept and understand - until I went.

I believe this new willingness of Susie to become a naturist will help our marriage, since if she feels better about herself (which I am convinced will be one of the results of this), she will be able to relate better to me and our children. I think it is quite obvious that naturists are people who do feel good about themselves, and so are able to interact freely and comfortably without pretense, suspicion, or cynicism. It is a marvelous, refreshing thing to observe. I have never met friendlier, more attractive (i.e., inner beauty) people anywhere - and I have been involved in many church, college, music, Internet chat, outdoors, political, work-related, and other types of group settings.

Direct quote from Susie:

"I believed in the naturist philosophy, but I had to deal with a lot of fears and emotions, so I had to go and experience naturism for myself to see firsthand that what everyone (mainly my husband) was telling me about it was true. Naturism is an emotionally and psychologically healthy thing, which I believe will be very good for me. Being nude in the water is quite physically pleasurable too."

Barely yours,


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