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Posted on the message board in response to a question from another poster: "How can I convince my wife to become a naturist".

November 1998

I've only recently become a naturist, September this year to be exact.

I'm 29 and like most men my idea of beauty in a woman is a 'perfect' body. Open a copy of Playboy, yes, that's the beauty that I'm talking about. At the spur of the moment I decided to visit a nearby naturist park. I took my ideas of beauty with me.

Of the 20 or so women that were there, two came close to fitting that description. The rest were 'larger' to some degree or another. Suprisingly, I found that my eye was always drawn to the larger women. The two with the 'perfect' body became boring. They were like all the women that I've seen nude in photographs and on TV. At the time I didn't think much of this, and not until seeing your post did I realize why my perspective of beauty had changed so suddenly.

It is because true beauty is to be found in diversity, not in 'perfection'. If everyone had a perfect body would there still be beauty? There was a time that I would say 'yes', now I would give a resounding 'no'. Looking through my wife's Victoria's Secret catalog has become a nonevent for me. Why? The models are all the same!

In the naturist community, beauty is to be found in everyone. I urge your wife to add even more beauty to this world.

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